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June 21, 2024

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Today, we’re diving deep into the world of lash training, exploring what it takes to transition from a lash artist to a lash educator with our guest, Liz Bussey, from Principles of Lash Artistry. 

Liz started her journey in the lash industry in 2012 and, within just four years, she became a respected trainer. Her accolades are impressive: she’s won 

  • first place in Lash Wars
  • secured gold and silver in the RCLC, 
  • and has been honored with the NALA award for Lash Artist of the Year for three consecutive years (2018-2020)

 Liz is also a prominent speaker and presenter at events like Lash Biz Babes Conference.

Liz shares her wealth of experience, from competing in and winning lash competitions to her evolution as a lash trainer. In this episode we’ll cover:

  • The difference between lash techs and lash artists
  • steps to becoming a lash educator
  • What makes a great lash training program
  • An introduction to POLA, the Principles of Lash Artistry educator program, designed for aspiring lash educators.

Join us as we uncover valuable insights and practical advice for anyone considering a career in lash training. Whether you’re looking to supplement your income or aiming to mentor the next generation of lash artists, this episode is packed with essential information to guide you on your journey.

Pushing Yourself as a Lash Artist: Dealing with Criticism and Competing in Lash Competitions

Embrace Constructive Criticism

Making the leap from a lash artist to a trainer is all about stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing new challenges. One of the best ways to do this is by jumping into lash competitions. Competitions are an amazing opportunity to get constructive criticism, which is key to improving your craft. Liz always emphasizes the importance of being open to feedback. Instead of seeing criticism as a negative, view it as a chance to get better and refine your skills.

Competitions: A Path to Professional Growth

Competitions are a huge part of growing as a professional lash artist. Take Liz’s first go at Lash Wars as an example. She didn’t enter to win but to see where she stood and get valuable feedback. This helped her understand what she was doing well and what needed work, giving her a clear direction for improvement.

Overcoming Nerves and Building Confidence

Competing can be nerve-wracking, but it’s a crucial part of growing. Liz admits she was incredibly nervous during her first competition, but she stayed focused on learning from the experience. Getting over those nerves and building confidence in your abilities is essential for becoming a successful lash trainer.

Long-Term Benefits of Competing

Every competition is a chance to learn and grow. The cycle of receiving feedback and improving prepares you for the role of a trainer, making you a more empathetic and effective mentor. Remember, each competition helps you become a better version of yourself, both as a lash artist and as a future trainer.

What Makes a Good Lash Artist

Embrace Trial and Error:

  • Constantly push your boundaries.
  • Try new techniques even if you’re apprehensive.

Essential Skills:

  • Depth perception is crucial, but can be improved with practice.
  • Steady hands and a good eye are necessary; develop over time.
  • Attention to detail separates a lash tech from a lash artist; recognize nuances in styling.

Taking Feedback:

  • Be open to constructive criticism.
  • Use feedback as a tool for improvement.
  • Continuous Practice and Learning:

Practice is key—no shortcuts, just hours of perfecting your craft.

  • Practice the right way and use tools like magnifying glasses to reduce eye strain.


  • Listen to clients and set clear expectations.
  • Be upfront about what is achievable to build trust and satisfaction.

Correcting Mistakes:

  • Acknowledge and correct errors promptly.
  • Adjust lash styles to suit clients better, demonstrating commitment to care and professional integrity.

How to Know if Lash Training is Right for You

Deciding to transition from being a lash artist to a lash trainer is a big step and not one to be taken lightly. As an educator, you need to be comfortable with a hands-off approach, observing and guiding rather than taking over.

Strong communication skills are crucial; you’ll need to clearly and patiently explain techniques, helping your students maintain their empowerment by not taking tools out of their hands.

Patience is essential since you’ll often repeat instructions multiple times. If the idea of repeating yourself drives you crazy, this might not be the right path.

Time management is another key factor. Adding training to your schedule isn’t just an extra task; it’s a whole new job. If you’re fully booked as a lash artist, you’ll need to scale back to make room for training.

Creating your own training program involves a significant amount of work, from developing curricula to managing administrative tasks. Organization and readiness to handle these additional responsibilities are vital.

Consider these key questions to determine if lash training is for you:

  • Can you guide and observe without taking over?
  • Do you have strong communication and patience?
  • Are you ready to manage your time and workload effectively?
  • Do you have a passion for teaching and helping others grow?

If you find joy in seeing others improve and succeed, and you’re ready to take on these challenges, then becoming a lash trainer could be a rewarding career addition.

Embarking on Your Journey as a Lash Trainer: Essential Steps

So, you’re contemplating diving into the world of lash training? It’s a thrilling prospect, but before you take the leap, let’s map out the essential steps and considerations based on the insightful discussion we’ve had:

1. Invest in Proper Education:

  • Start by enrolling in a reputable lash educator program. As Liz highlighted, her initial attempt at teaching lacked crucial elements that she later learned from the NALA educator certification course. Don’t skip this step; it’s essential for laying a strong foundation for your training career.

2. Understand Different Learning Styles:

  • Recognize that everyone learns differently. Liz emphasized the importance of catering to various learning styles, from hands-on practice to online theory sessions. Incorporating diverse teaching methods ensures that all your students receive optimal training.

3. Provide Ongoing Support:

  • As a lash trainer, your role doesn’t end when the class does. Be prepared to offer continuous mentorship and support to your students, just like Michelle from Authentic Artistry did for Neelam. Your commitment to their success will set you apart as a dedicated and reliable educator.

4. Focus on Reputation Building:

  • Word-of-mouth referrals are invaluable in the lash industry. Liz’s experience, where people traveled far to train with her based on referrals and word of mouth, underscores the significance of building a strong reputation. Deliver exceptional education consistently, and let your reputation speak for itself.

5. Develop a Personalized Approach:

  • Take inspiration from Liz’s approach of hosting small classes tailored to individual learning styles. Personalize your training sessions to create a supportive and effective learning environment for each student.

6. Embrace Continuous Improvement:

  • Finally, recognize that growth is a continuous process. Reflect on your teaching methods, seek feedback from your students, and adapt accordingly. By embracing a growth mindset, you’ll continuously refine your skills as a lash trainer.

Transitioning into the role of a lash trainer requires careful planning, dedication, and a commitment to ongoing improvement. By investing in proper education, understanding different learning styles, providing ongoing support, focusing on reputation building, developing a personalized approach, and embracing continuous improvement, you’ll embark on a rewarding journey as a lash educator.

Introducing the Principals of Lash Artistry (POLA) Program: Revolutionizing Lash Education

In our conversation, Liz shared the inspiring journey behind creating the Principals of Lash Artistry (POLA) program, aimed at setting new standards in lash education. Initially motivated by a desire to expand her impact beyond her small town in British Columbia, Liz’s vision for POLA is to empower lash educators worldwide with comprehensive training and resources. Partnering with NALA, Liz ensures that POLA adheres to high industry standards, offering a complete solution for aspiring lash trainers.

Key Features of POLA:

  • Accredited Curriculum: POLA’s 215-page manual, online platform, and extensive materials cover everything from theory to practical aspects of lash training.
  • Done-for-You Solution: With templates, contracts, and email scripts provided, POLA offers a hassle-free setup for educators, eliminating the need to create training materials from scratch.
  • NALA Accreditation: POLA’s partnership with NALA fast-tracks educators to accreditation, ensuring credibility and meeting industry standards.
  • Hands-On Support: Liz’s dedication extends beyond training sessions; she provides ongoing mentorship to ensure educators feel confident and equipped to deliver high-quality education.

The POLA Experience:

  • Retreat Style Training: POLA offers immersive retreat-style training sessions, combining education with relaxation at luxurious venues like Sparkling Hill.
  • Confidence Building: Through personalized coaching and role-playing exercises, POLA instills confidence in educators, preparing them to deliver exceptional training experiences.
  • Long-Term Impact: By raising the bar in lash education from the outset, POLA aims to cultivate a new generation of skilled lash artists, ultimately elevating the entire industry.

POLA represents more than just a training program; it’s a commitment to excellence and empowerment, ensuring that every educator can provide their students with the best possible start in their lash careers.

Empowering the Next Wave of Lash Educators

As we wrap up this adventure through the realm of lash training, it’s clear that stepping into the role of a lash educator is more than just a career move; it’s a chance to ignite sparks of creativity, confidence, and transformation in others. From finding your calling in teaching to refining your skills as an educator, each step along this path is a thrilling opportunity for growth and discovery.

By embracing the principles of dedication, innovation, and excellence, budding lash trainers can carve out a new standard of education in the lash industry. With programs like POLA and the guidance of seasoned mentors like Liz, educators have all the tools and support needed to make a profound impact on their students’ journeys.

So, if you’ve ever felt the pull to share your expertise, inspire others, and leave a legacy of wisdom behind, now is your moment to seize the day and embark on your own adventure as a lash trainer. Embrace the challenges, savor the triumphs, and know that every student you empower is a testament to your passion and commitment.

Together, let’s raise the bar, elevate the industry, and shape a future where every lash artist has the chance to shine. The road ahead may be filled with twists and turns, but the rewards are limitless. Are you ready to join the ranks of the next generation of lash educators?

More of Liz:

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  1. Liz Bussey says:

    This was such a fun episode to take part in! I loved every moment of it and you made it so easy to open up and just chat about all things lashes, and life 🥳

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