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Experience a beautiful, effortless look with our nourishing Instant Lash Lift and Tint System. Achieve perfectly lifted, healthy, and long-lasting lashes at our cozy Carp Studio, Ottawa (417/March Rd) ♥


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Nourishing Lash Lifts

Whether you’re looking for a subtle lift or a dramatic curl, Red Carpet Glamour offers a nourishing Instant Lash Lift and Tint System tailored to your unique style and needs. Our advanced formula is designed to prioritize the health of your natural lashes, infusing them with powerful amino acids, antioxidants, proteins, and vitamins at every step.

Enjoy healthy, long-lasting results with lashes that remain strong, resilient, and perfectly lifted for longer. Experience comfortable and relaxing lash treatments at our Ottawa Studio (417/March Rd) ♥

low maintenance, high impact. 

What is a Lash Lift?

A lash lift is a perm for your natural lashes so that you can see the entire length. Think of it like a good comfortable push-up bra for your lashes! 

✔️ you have long full lashes but they tend to grow straight or downward
✔️ YOUR LASHES don’t stay curled well
✔️ you’re worried about the damage from your daily lash curler + mascara routine. 

Who is a Lash Lift good for?

The perfect push-up bra for your natural lashes. Great for full lash lines that tend to grow straight or downward, don’t stay curled well and you’re worried about the damage from your daily lash curler + mascara routine.

Lash lift (1 hour)...............................$100 +hst
LASH LIFT + TINt (1.5 hour)…….………………$130 +hst
tint only …................................……………..$50 +hst




A lash lift will last as long as your natural lash cycle (about 90 days) and you can try to extend the results by using a Lash Growth Serum. New growth will require a new lift so we recommend lifting every 6-8 weeks

Avoid water and sleeping on your face for the first 24 hours to ensure your lift sets correctly. After that, you’re free to live life as usual with your beautifully lifted lashes! Swim, rub them, use all the mascara you’d like!

Post Treatment, we recommend using a lash oil to keep your lashes conditioned. 

How long does a lash lift last?


A Lash tint deepens the colour of your natural lashes to create the illusion of mascara, without having to apply it every day. If you have light coloured lashes - Yes, you want the tint!


It's important to note that the lash lift procedure itself doesn't cause damage - It's the lack of expertise from untrained technicians that may make mistakes like overprocessing or applying the solution too high up, which can damage your lashes. At Red Carpet Glamour, not only are we certified - we're constantly updating our education as trends and techniques advance in our industry. We use a safe solution that's gentle on your lashes and take great care to ensure your lashes stay healthy and nourished throughout the process.


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Kind Words

I was a little nervous about getting eyelash extentions and had no idea what to expect. I worked with Neelam and she confidently walked me through all the steps, spent time finding out what type of lashes I would like best and expertly applied them. I am getting so many compliments on them. If you are looking for a a lash artist who takes care and time to do your lashes right, go and see Neelam.

— Stacey, Star Brand Photography

A really great experience in a lovely, clean, relaxing environment. I got lashes customized to my needs, and they look amazing. I've never had them before and got great advice which lashes would look best on me.

— Karen Jennings

Neelam is a pretty amazing woman. She truly cares about her work. I go to her for eyelash extensions, and she makes sure that she uses the properly sized extensions so that the natural lash is not damaged. Neelam also has a wealth of training, so you know that she's knowledgeable and meticulous about her technique and the products she uses. On a personal note, Neelam is super positive and very welcoming. I look forward to my appointments with her. She even finds ways to let me know how I can care for my lashes better without feeling like I'm receiving a lecture. Overall, I don't think you will find a better lash artist in Ottawa!

— Glenda Garrison

First time getting lash extensions and they were beautiful! Very personal experience provided by Neelam ❤️

— Raji Dhillon

I loved my experience with Neelam for my lash application. She is very welcoming in her beautiful studio space and made every effort to ensure I was comfortable and content throughout my lash service. She spent extra time and took great care to be thorough and maticulous in creating a full set of lashes for me. The result is stunning. I love how they give me a refreshed look with minimal eye makeup. They look classic and natural with the perfect amount of glam. I would highly recommend her service to anyone and will be seeking her talent again!

— erin schouten

Neelam is so gentle and my lashes always turn out beautifully. She gives my lashes so much volume while still looking natural. she is THE BEST.

— cortney danielle

Neelam came highly recommended and I can tell why!! I had my first experience getting my lashes done with her last night and it was perfect. She makes sure you are very comfortable during your whole appointment and has such attention to detail. I absolutely love my lashes and can’t wait to keep going back! 💗

— Melissa joseph

I went to Neelam for my first set of lashes in the fall and loved them. She pays close attention to detail and you can tell she takes pride in her work. Her studio space is comfortable and she makes you feel relaxed. She has a great personality and made the experience really fun and positive. I had a really great experience and would definitely recommend going to her for your lashes.


Had a great experience for my first time getting lashes! I’m so pleased with how they look and what a great, relaxing time I had.

— Jen ne bean

It was my first time having eyelash extensions and Neelam was amazing! Her space is so cute and professional. Ive had so many compliments on my lashes 🙂 thank you!!!

— Kaitlyn McCormack 

I had such a great experience with Red Carpet Glamour. Neelam is truly an artist and professional when it comes to makeup and eyelashes. I would recommend all her services to anyone!

— Emily Kerr


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