Tired of feeling frazzled and overwhelmed when it comes to managing your bridal makeup business?

Tired of feeling frazzled and overwhelmed when it comes to managing your bridal makeup business?

Create a personalized client experience that will leave a lasting impression and enable you to charge luxury bridal rates. Say goodbye to the hustle and take control of your time. With Total Beauty Planner, you'll be able to focus on what matters most - building better relationships with your clients and locking in more referrals.

50% off your first year

We’re honored that some of the most talented makeup artists and hair stylists out there work with Total Beauty Planner – and you can too!

Are you a Makeup Artist that's currently:

Here you are
going to state the challenges and frustrations 

that one might currently be facing in their BUSINESS


Looking for a solution that can help you charge luxury bridal rates and increase your referrals?


 Tired of searching through emails and notes to find important information about your clients?


Wants to create a personalized client experience that will leave a lasting impression?


Finds it challenging to keep track of trial notes, client preferences, and contact details?


Ready to take control of your time and focus on building better relationships with your clients?

Ready to experience the peace of mind that comes with being organized and prepared for every client?

Imagine finally being able to
  • Have a bridal beauty business running on referral love
  • Be fully booked with brides you love, charging the rates that you deserve
  • Say goodbye to overwhelm by having everything you need in one place

Remembering the little details helped me create relationships with brides, show up confidently and in return I was getting more referrals, more reviews and booking more brides than I ever had before!

And it’s so much simpler than you think!

Ready for your life to change?

“super helpful!”

In my google calendar I use to keep my notes for what I used, the foundation shade, this is the lipstick combo she liked. But going to find the pictures was a nightmare! Having it all in one place is going to be super helpful!

— Jennifer | Make-up Artistry Instructor

Being a makeup artist isn’t easy...

 In fact, you’re not alone if you’ve ever felt like:

  • You’re done being just another artist. You’re ready to set yourself apart in the bridal industry with luxury rates but so far you’re still competing on price.

  • You’re spending hours trying to figure out what to post online to book more clients, but the needle just isn’t moving and you’re still not booking brides who are absolutely in love with you.

  • You've been looking for a way to keep track of your clients and brides in one place but haven't found anything better than a google doc or note in your phone

  • You create a look your bride falls in love with at the trial. Only to forget what you did or what she even looks like by the time the wedding day rolls around!

me in 2011, loving what I was doing but struggling to build a brand.

Show up with confidence, free up your brain space to be more present for your brides, create a memorable experience, build relationships and book more brides - all with the Total Beauty Planner app!  

The Total Beauty Planner


for every booking by having your clients upload inspo images and notes right into the appointment date in your calendar via a custom link

and forget spending time trying to remember what you did at the bridal trial. Save your notes, a full product breakdown, their placement, photos and face charts so you can recreate it even more beautifully than the first time!

Show up confident and prepared

Focus on creating beautiful work

feature one

feature two

quickly on location with a built in calculator to share as pdf via text or email

Calculate services or balances 

feature four

because you’re creating an elevated client experience. Remember the little details because you jotted it down in their client profile. Your brides favourite coffee order, her go-to spotify station, even a description of how the couple met so you can turn it into an instagram caption when you get the photos later! 

Lock down more referrals 

feature Three

with your entire bridal beauty team. Even sync appointment details so everyone is always in the loop!

Share client notes, face charts and appointment details 

feature FIVE

With the Total Beauty Planner app, you can:


the results you're going to get:

How does this sound?


Ditch the overwhelm and frustration you feel every time you’re searching through emails, notes and your gallery to find for your brides trial notes and photos

Create a personalized client experience so you can charge luxury bridal rates, stop hustling and take control of your time


Show up confident and prepared so you can get out of your head and build better relationships with your clients and lock in more referrals ❤️ 💸


Yes, I'm in!

Add new brides to your client list.


Q. What if my calendar is already so full? Do I have to add each appointment in one-by-one?

A. We’ve made it easy for you to save time by uploading all your upcoming client bookings using our “Google Sync” feature! You’ll find it in your settings

Q. What if my appointments are saved somewhere else, not in a Google Calendar

A. Simply login to your Total Beauty Planner account on a computer and you’ll be able to quickly copy and paste into your client list or calendar!


Schedule your bride’s trial and then add her notes + photos after your appointment.


Q. What if my bride doesn't have a trial?

A. No problem! When you schedule the wedding day, you’ll see the option to send your bride a link. This link will open a web page where she can upload all of her inspo images and notes directly into the app for easy reference.

Share any details you need to with your team!

Q. What if I don't want my team artist/stylist to see specific details?

A. Details like the clients phone number, email address and past appointment history are only shared if you’d like to. Anytime you’re syncing booking details with your team, you have the option to select which details you’d like to share and which you’d like to keep hidden.  


“You can put all the details, what type of products they like using, reference images of inspo and images of themselves. You have the details there like date, time, when everyone needs to be there. If theres a bridal party you have your team members there and you can share the booking with the bride so shes in the loop as well!”

- Madiha 
 Toronto & Dubai Makeup Artist

Kind words


It gives you a lot of options to put in a lot of details like pictures, notes, notes from the trial which is really helpful because I feel like makeup artists do put them all over the place - including me! I put them in notes or I write them down somewhere, and it's everywhere!
The first time I downloaded it and started using it I was like WOW this is going to be a GAME CHANGER!

- Mahrukh 
 Vancouver Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist

Kind words


Transform your Bridal Makeup Business

stop competing on rates, attract luxury brides, and grow your business with confidence.

Struggling to show up on social media? Stop posting for the sake of posting! Use this guide to create contenting that will  have your dream brides flooding your inbox, ready to book with you!

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30 Days of Instagram Posts


I spent THOUSANDS on luxury products because I believed THAT would make me a luxury bridal makeup artist (it didn’t)

Instead of giving my brides a luxury experience and making them feel like the most important person in the room…

 I was showing up unprepared, unconfident and always racing the clock.

I wouldn’t take notes when I did a trial, leaving it up to memory. spoiler alert - bad idea!

When I’d show up at a brides house months later, I would have NO IDEA who she was!!! 

It always seemed like there was way too much to do and neverrrrrrr enough fr*&Akin time!

I used to be that overwhelmed girl.

This bride, who is so excited for me to show up in her home, to be there on her wedding day with her family, who opens the door to greet me with hugs…

But me? I’m standing there like: “oh sh&T, who is this girl?”

This bride, who trusted me to be there on one of the most IMPORTANT days of her life...

“people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”

Maya Angelou said:

I’d spend the night before the wedding searching through thousands of images in my phone gallery, my computer gallery and then my hard drive trying to find them by trial date!

Then through my emails to see if there were any changes or original inspo pics the bride had sent me.

Maya Angelou said “people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel

How can you call yourself a luxury makeup artist when you leave your clients feeling rushed, forgotten and so insignificant? 

And the times that I did take pictures?

I can not believe I was making people feel like THAT

 It wasn’t until I finally discovered how to get organized and get rid of the overwhelm that I was able to focus on creating a personalized experience for each of my clients. 


Remembering the little details helped me create relationships with brides, show up confidently and in return I was getting more referrals, more reviews and booking more brides than I ever had before!

Do you leaving your brides feeling unforgettable or forgettable?

I'm Neelam, your Bridal Beauty Bestie

I’m a makeup artist, lash artist, podcaster, app creator and serial organizer dedicated to helping you grow your business and the life that you deserve.

Not so Into: A 9-5, having to do any repetitive tasks that can be automated and numbers 😒

Born and raised Toronto girl with nothing more than a desire for better, I’m proud to have created Lash Assist Pro and the Total Beauty Planner app that helps artists all around the world.

Through our podcasts Lash Pro and The Bridal Beauty Business, I help makeup artists and lash artists get organized so they can focus on their craft, show up confident and create beautiful client experiences to grow a business that runs on client referrals. 

more about me

Hey there!

Are you still doing things the old way?

Now, you can free up your brain space and show up confidently for your brides… no more searching through an endless trail of emails and notes just to find your trial notes and photos.

With the Total Beauty Planner, everything is organized in one place for easy access. 

give yourself the break you deserve

Pen and paper for bridal makeup notes is so last season.

Takes up space

And we all know that losing those notes could mean the difference between creating a stunning bridal look and a total disaster!

Easy to lose those notes and scribbles

Easily damaged

Our brains only hold so much information

Easy for details to slip through the cracks in the middle of a wedding season

Leaving details up to memory. Trust us, we get it - as a creative it’s easy to think we can keep all those details in our head

Relying on your email inbox to save and search for important notes.

Imagine scrolling through countless email threads, trying to find the one where your bride sent you a photo of her dream bridal look, or the one where she mentioned what she wanted to change from the trial for the big day - it’s like searching for a needle in a haystack!

Time-consuming searching for specific details

Can miss important details buried under other messages

Can accidently get deleted 

Can get lost in your spam folder

Attachments don’t always come through properly

Stressful and overwhelming 

Can’t easily access from multiple devices or share them with your team

Difficult to manage multiple trials with the same client

Photos can get deleted accidently 

Photos take up precious phone memory

Can quickly become disorganized and cluttered

Using your phone’s standard Notes app.

All of your client details In one place 

Save time + streamlines your business management

Offer a personized experience to your brides 

Free up brain space

Easily searchable and accessible

Free up phone space (photos are backed up to the cloud)

access from multiple devices

share and sync appointment details with your team

Take control of your beauty business and create the most memorable experience for your brides! 

Say goodbye to disorganized notes and searching through emails for client information. 

Total Beauty Planner is the ultimate solution for Bridal Makeup Artists. 

50% off your first year

Everything you need to show up as a luxury bridal makeup artist.

Create a personalized client experience that will leave a lasting impression and enable you to charge luxury bridal rates. Say goodbye to the hustle and take control of your time. With Total Beauty Planner, you'll be able to focus on what matters most - building better relationships with your clients and locking in more referrals.

THE total beauty planner 


Who is this for?

This is for makeup artists that want to get more organized in the beauty business and beat the overwhelm. It's for artists that understand the only way to compete is to create a memorable experience for their clients and how prepared they show up for their brides determines that.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a lot of bookings saved in my Google Calendar, is there an easy way to transfer them to the app?

Inside the app you’ll see an option to pull up all your calendar entries from Google and then choose which ones you’d like to add into your Total Beauty Planner! Going forward, add any new bookings directly into the app and sync it to your google calendar with a single click!

I'm not sure if this is for me, is there a free trial?

If you're not ready to commit to one year at only $17 (that's 50% off) and you don't want the free bonus: 30 Days of Instagram Post Ideas for the Bridal Makeup Artist, just head to the app store to download The Total Beauty Planner directly for a free 14 day trial!

I’m not really tech savvy, will this work for me?

We have a library of videos to walk you through all the features and getting started. If you ever get stuck, just reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help you get started :)

Is there an affiliate program for the Total Beauty Planner?

Yes! Email us via collab@totalbeautyplanner.com to get set up and you’ll receive a link to share the app with your audience. For every member you invite that converts to a paid subscription, you’ll receive a % commission!

What if I decide the Total Beauty Planner app isn’t for me?

You can cancel your membership anytime. You’ll still have access to your account and all the details you’ve saved until you’ve reached the end of your annual billing cycle. Easy peasy!