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How to Show Up, Stand Out and STOP Being Paralyzed by Fear (ft Sheila Bella of Pretty Rich Inc)

Sheila Bella Pretty Rich Beauty Coach

April 24, 2024

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Creating Meaningful Captions on Instagram and Building Your Personal Brand with Sheila Bella 

Today’s guest  is not only a successful beauty boss –  she’s also an awesome human being. 

Sheila Bella, owner of Pretty Rich Inc, built her business from scratch into a million-dollar company within 3 years!  

Sheila wasn’t born rich nor did she marry into a rich family or something. She started from zero and went all the way to having multi-million dollar businesses. 

Now, she’s all about helping beauty bosses all over the world overcome their doubts and make the right decisions in marketing their beauty business. Her guidance has helped me make some huge mindset shifts in not just my business, but also in just every other aspect of my life. 

Sheila’s sitting down with us today to talk about how makeup artists can create engaging content for instagram even while they’re not in an active bridal season (aka like in the middle of a pandemic) and what you can do to stop letting fear limit your potential! 

Episode Notes

Is it important to be smarter than everyone else? Or are you willing to take the risks even if it makes you look stupid?

  • You can’t achieve big if you’re not willing to take risks. Don’t overthink things, focus on the reward rather than getting stuck on the risks. 
  • It may sound a bit naive but it can be a blessing because there’s nothing that has no risks. You can call it the entrepreneurial spirit! 

The majority of makeup artists are only posting bridal work, selfies, shoots, Facebook ads, client makeup selfies. This is their business plan, is this a good enough beauty marketing plan?

  • The thing is, makeup artists nowadays are happy where they are. They’re not aiming high or taking their business to the next level. 
  • As an entrepreneur, you should know there’s always another level to aim towards! 
  • Most makeup artists believe there’s no ‘next level’ for them. 
  • In this day and age, the best way to move forward is to build your own personal brand.

What is a personal brand?

  • A personal brand is all about YOU!
  • You use your personality, your face, your skills and your online community to build a brand around yourself. 
  • When you build a strong personal brand, you can sell almost anything!

How can makeup artists scale passively? 

  • You can have your own personal brand products. Come on, women can never have enough eyeshadow palettes can they! Or even highlighters! 
  • Physical products are a big way to scale. 

You can even include:

  • Create a YouTube channel and post videos 
  • Online classes and courses 
  • Tutorial videos 

What is the foundation to focus on when creating a personal brand for your Freelance or Bridal Makeup Business?

  • It’s all about positioning and marketing yourself on the various social media platforms in a way that brings you in front of the people.
  • Your first step should be to Google yourself and see what comes up. What you see is how people see you so make sure your profile picture and description and social media pages stand out from the rest of the make up artists. 
  • Produce content that engages the audience. Put out your story so people get to know who you are. 
  • Post videos on happy clients as testimonials. Also show some behind the scenes videos so people can get a glimpse of who you are and what your life is all about. 
  • Post educational content so you can be seen as an expert in your field. 
  • Don’t underestimate the power of inspirational content. People love positivity so they know that when they sit down and look at your videos, you can turn their bad day into a good one by lifting their spirits!
  • Doing all this will build trust between you and your audience. This trust will result in you converting a viewer or a client into a friend! 
  • Make sure to post content consistently 

Is there such a thing as an original idea nowadays?

  • Well, honestly, no! Chances are, if you’re waiting for an original idea to come to mind, you will get left behind. 
  • If it’s coming from you, it’s original! So go and do it!

What can you do when self doubt starts to kicks in?

  • There’s nothing different between you and a person who’s having a lot of self-doubt and having difficulty moving forward. 
  • We all have anxiety. Even the most successful people struggle with it. The difference is, successful people keep on moving regardless! 

When you do get stuck, how do you get yourself out?

  • Everyone has different ways of overcoming it, but a lot of people do it by doing physical activities. You have to be your own parent and learn how to coach yourself. 

A lot of people are fixated on the pattern in their feed on Instagram. Do clients care about these? 

  • It actually depends on the clients, some will like it and some won’t. 
  • You’ll have to see which kind of woman you’d like to serve. Some like ordered patterns while others prefer things to be a bit chaotic. 
  • Always ask yourself, what would your favorite client want? Especially consider your existing clients. 
  • In the beauty business it’s all about providing great service.You’re there to serve your clients. So serve them what they want. 

How can make-up artists make their pages, captions and content more meaningful? 

  • For makeup artists, especially those who do bridal make up, you can have your Instagram go viral by posting heartwarming stories about brides and what their reaction was when getting married.
  • This will show your audience that you have a heart, allowing them to connect with you and your personal brand. 

What to do during the lockdown and COVID when you’re not having photoshoots, not working on clients and are running out of content? 

  • Well, the first step is to go to https://www.sheilabella.com/socialguide and download the free 30-day social guide. 
  • This guide is created specifically for the COVID lockdown when you’re having trouble coming up with something new for your personal brand.
  • Keep doing some behind the scenes of your favorite products
  • Show the audience your home, give them a tour
  • Post videos on your morning skin care routine
  • Have an online LIVE meeting with other makeup artists 
  • Post tutorial videos 
  • You’re a makeup artist so keep on creating art like new looks and working with different combinations of makeup etc. 

What are the 3 little ways new makeup artists and newbies do to show up and introduce themselves?

  • The first thing you can do is, it’s actually quite simple, they can make a story and say, ’Hi, my name is [Your Name], and this is what I do!’

This will give you a gradual exposure, small steps towards something bigger. 

Coach yourself and start by writing down a small script. Start little by little by creating small videos before moving on to bigger ones. 

  • Secondly, dress up and make sure you’re wearing something that makes you feel good. As makeup artists you need to look good and feel good too! Slap on a filter if you have to! 
  • Thirdly, ask your friends to help you. Ask for accountability. They can give you feedback while also giving you some good ideas and moral support.


More of Sheila Bella:


My favourite video from Sheila (if showing up and public anxiety gives you anxiety, you need to watch this) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_GK3a1nbTA

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