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How to Set Your Lash Policies

Frustrated with late lash clients + last minute cancellations?

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Psst... It's not them, it's *you*

How many times have you had clients cancel on you last minute? Or better yet, show up late with a steaming hot Starbucks vanilla latte in hand? It’s probably driving you nuts just thinking about it right?

 But guess what, it’s not their fault! People only treat you the way you allow them to treat you.

Use the “Setting Your Lash Business Policies” worksheet to:

  • Set clear policies that work for YOUR business
  • come up with reasonable consequences
  • COMMUNICATE them to your clients so there are no unpleasant surprises and you can enforce your new policies with confidence! 

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Electronic consult forms, waivers and policies for your lash business.

Tired of bad retention and unhappy lash clients? Track what matters most (lash conditions, products used, your environment) with every single client so you can troubleshoot faster and grow your dream lash biz.



Grow your dream lash business and live life on your own terms.