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Behind the Scenes of Organizing the Most Influential Lash Artist Conference with LashCast Podcast

Lashcast Podcast host LashCon, a Lash Conference of Lash Artists

April 22, 2024

I’m Claire.
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This episode was originally recorded in 2021. Much of the information is still relevant but some of the links have changed, you’ll find the most updated ones at the bottom of this page. Sorry for the audio! This was an Instagram live and we were having some issues with feedback but all the notes are here for you below.

Behind the Scenes of Organizing the Most Influential Lash Artist Conference with LashCast Podcast: LASHCON

Today, we’re diving into the exciting world of lash conferences with our dear friends Paul and Tuss from LashCast podcast. Get ready for an inside look at what it takes to organize and kickstart a lash conference, from the highs to the lows, and everything in between.

But before we delve into the nitty-gritty of conference planning, let’s take a moment to shine the spotlight on one of the most exciting aspects of the event: The Lashies!

The Lashies: Celebrating Excellence in the Lash Industry

Why You Should Apply:

  • The Lashies are your chance to shine in the lash world. Whether you’re a solo artist or own a salon, there’s a spot for you.

  • Don’t underestimate yourself! Everyone’s got a story of overcoming challenges, especially in the past year. The Lashies want to hear yours and celebrate your journey.

  • What do you have to lose? Nothing! In fact, by throwing your hat in the running, you’ll gain valuable insights about your own business and skills.

Everyone Has an Overcoming Story:

  • Think your story isn’t special enough? Think again. The Lashies are all about recognizing the resilience and creativity of lash artists like you.

  • It’s not just about the big salons. Whether you’re hustling solo or running a team, your story matters.

  • By sharing your journey, you’ll inspire others and gain a deeper appreciation for your own achievements.

The Different Awards and Judging Process:

  • There’s a category for everything, from salon design to customer service and tech savvy.

  • The judges are looking for those who go above and beyond in their craft. If you’re innovative and dedicated, you could be a winner!

  • What will you learn? Applying for The Lashies is an opportunity for self-reflection and growth. Even if you don’t win, the process of putting yourself out there will help you identify areas for improvement and refine your skills.

The Birth of LashCon: Elevating the Lash Industry

So, picture this: Paul and Tuss, the brains behind LashCast, are out there, attending a ton of conferences. These events were top-notch, no doubt about it, but there was a gap that they knew needed filling.

While these gatherings covered technique and maybe tossed in a bit of Instagram wisdom, they seemed to overlook the critical business side of things. And that’s where Paul and Tuss saw an opportunity to make a difference.

Why take on a project like LashCon: The Lash Conference 

The industry needed more than just tips on perfecting your lash game or increasing your Instagram followers. It needed a platform where lash artists could learn about customer service, business systems, training, hiring, and all the other aspects of running a successful lash business.

Paul and Tuss believe that being a great lash artist isn’t enough; to truly succeed, you need to be a savvy business operator as well. They wanted to empower lash artists to grow their businesses, whether that meant expanding their clientele, training staff, or even launching their own product lines. And let’s not forget the networking aspect; LashCon is all about bringing people together, fostering connections, and inspiring collaborations that could drive the industry forward.

Why You Can’t Miss LashCon: The Ultimate Lashpreneur Playground

LashCon is THE place to be, whether you’re a lash artist or an entrepreneur looking to level up your game. Paul and Tuss have truly outdone themselves, creating an event that’s more than just about lashes—it’s a holistic experience designed to elevate every aspect of your business journey.

Here’s What Makes LashCon Unmissable:

  • Beyond Lashes: LashCon isn’t just for lash artists. It’s a goldmine of knowledge and skills applicable to any business venture. From mastering marketing strategies to honing your networking prowess, there’s something for everyone.

  • Customized Learning: Forget one-size-fits-all approaches. LashCon offers a tailored experience, allowing you to focus on areas where you want to grow. Whether it’s refining your customer service or fine-tuning your branding, you’ll find the resources and guidance you need.

  • Live-Streamed Goodness: Can’t make it to every session? No problem! LashCon is live-streaming all the action, so you can catch up on missed classes and revisit your favorites from the comfort of your own home.

Behind the Scenes: The Making of LashCon

Paul and Tuss have been hard at work year-round, pouring their hearts and souls into making LashCon the most unforgettable experience yet, from extravagant themed parties to epic brand face-offs, they’ve left no stone unturned in their quest to deliver something truly extraordinary.

Embracing Connection at LashCon

LashCon isn’t just an event; it’s a celebration of our craft and a reminder that we’re not alone. 

You know, when I think about LashCon, it’s not just the event itself that gets me excited—it’s the opportunity to connect.

As lash artists, we spend countless hours working solo, focused on our craft and our clients. But deep down, we crave those moments of connection, where we can share experiences with others who truly understand.

I vividly remember seeing strangers at LashCon, waiting in line, chatting, hugging, laughing—it was like the energy in the room was electric before anything even started. And that was intentional. Paul and Tuss wanted to create an environment where people felt connected, where they could build relationships and grow together. That’s why they planned activities and games to help even the shyest among us feel comfortable reaching out and making new friends.

LashCon brings people together, like when lash artists meet their Instagram idols for the first time or when a shy participant opened up during a game and later became friends—that’s what it’s all about.

They didn’t want LashCon to be just another conference where people sit silently at their tables. They wanted it to be a place where friendships are formed, where ideas are shared, and where we all leave feeling uplifted and inspired.

Of course, there have been challenges along the way—like having to cancel the Lash Cruise due to COVID or navigating the transition from running a salon to focusing on LashCon. But what keeps Paul and Tuss going is knowing that they’re making a difference, that they’re helping to build a stronger, more connected lash community.

That’s where LashCon shines. It’s not merely about attending classes or stocking up on products—it’s about coming together as a community.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, there’s something magical about being surrounded by peers who comprehend the intricacies of our profession and empathize with the challenges we encounter.


Lashcon Tickets: https://www.thelashconference.com/

LashCast Podcast: https://www.instagram.com/lashcastpodcast

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